Dust extraction 

Intermix has developed a tool that makes it easy for dealers and customers of Makita to see which dust extraction system can be used with what kind of device. The connectors, various adapters, vacuum cleaners and machines are automatically linked together, which means Makita will get less questions from customers or dealers about the possible combinations.

Currently this tool is used by Makita Finland, Makita Belgium and Makita Netherlands. The problem of the Makita countries was the amount of time that was lost with searching for the right combinations. The vacuum cleaner and the machine must connect well for the best result.

The solution provided by Intermix ensures that Makita has a lot less administrative actions to make this combination clear to customers or dealers. The solution is put together as follows:

If there is a machine, where dust extraction is applicable, the dust extraction header will be displayed with the article. At this moment all possible connections between machines, coupling pieces, hoses and dust extractors become visible. Customers are having the opportunity to filter on the vacuum cleaner that is already online. So only the accessories and the machine can be seen, who are linked to this.

This tool is processed in the ICMS system of Makita and can be used by all Makita countries. In the ICMS a certain machine is checked, after which you have to connect the accessories and the vacuum cleaner yourself. To the extent that more connections have been made by Makita, the system is becoming a lot smarter. The link will automatically put the system at a given moment, so Makita will get less work on it.

When Makita has made these links, they are automatically taken over by the webshop, the link becomes more clear to everyone. The customer can download the overview through this link and print it out. The customer can take the printed overview to the dealer and place his order there.

In the ICMS, the Publisher module can be created, Makita can choose to create a designed brochure with all links of all machines. This brochure can be sent to the dealer, and can help the customer optimally and needs less assistance from the Makita customer service.

Ultimately, this tool offers Makita the opportunity to have more time in the field of administrative operations. The customer service will be called less, because all links are clear and well-organized for the customers and the dealers.

Want to know more about this tool? Contact Intermix Management B.V. call 0031 184- 43 30 17 or mail to info@intermix.nl