International image database

Each makita country uses the international image database. All models are displayed in a structured way. So, they are displayed with a main photo, detailed photos, action photos, packaging, etc. Every expression that Makita can make for all models, are shown here. It’s linked in Makita's own ICMS, this makes it central and easy to find.

We created a folder in the ICMS, wich all Makita components are displayed. In this folder you can search for machines, datasheets, accessories, symbols and logos. We make it easy to search in the database because there can be found a searchbar. In this way, you can search for evertyhing by product number.

With the old image database, Makita could not keep track of anything. Now there is an upload system built in, so Makita only has to enter a main image. From there, all desired are created by the system. In this way, files are created that are suitable for printing, are suitable for the website or are suitable for other purposes, which Makita wants to use the images.

All batches with images that are created are automatically synchronized to the website. The website is in fact the basis for all expressions that Makita does. The website contains the brochures and all technical specifications. Together with the information displayed on the website and the images in the image database, become the catalog in the publisher module. The images are used for this, which have already been transformed into a printed matter file, in order that the optimal quality is guaranteed.

Because it is in the ICMS, it’s possible to copy images from each other. If a country doesn’t have a picture yet, they can copy it from another country. So there is a kind of sharing, through which countries can complement each other. This ensures that the Makita countries really have something together.

In short, the Image Database is a database with all images of all Makita products. Each desired format or file of the particular product is displayed in this database. These can be used by all makita countries, as a result of which the actions concerning various expressions are greatly reduced. The Makita countries can work even more efficiently in this way and also work together!