The Communication Cockpit: the most complete communication platform

To reach customers nowadays is getting more and more difficult. Your customers use different media as well as different devices such as a tablet or smartphone. The information they see on their screen will many times be valued in a split second. Reaching those customers asks for a new understanding of the situation which will enable you to prepare yourself for the future.

The goal is to get customers to your website with competitive offers and stimulating stories. Let your target group know that you’re there. With the Communication Module you can share information with (potential) customers in a fast and efficient way. And the result? More visitors, more potential buyers and more commitment to you from existing customers. You can execute all kinds of digital communication from one central point in the Communication Cockpit.

Examples are:

  • Action mailings and newsletters
  • Social media messages
  • Personalized mailings
  • Blogs and/or background stories
  • SMS-marketing
  • RSS-feeds

Multilevel communication: multiply your marketing power
People do business with people. Research shows that personal communication results in 20 to 30% more responses. That’s why it’s so important that Makita can use the networks of their distributors. The Communication Cockpit makes this possible because it is arranged Multilevel which means that Makita and her distributors can use the Communication Cockpit simultaneously. And that’s how you can multiply your marketing strength.

For instance, you can prepare marketing campaigns such as conversion landing pages, social media messages, mailings, RSS-messages and blogs. You can easily make these campaigns available to your distributors. The ‘digital intelligence’ in the Communication Cockpit converts your campaigns automatically in the corporate design, colours, logos and URL of your distributors. In short, the end customers see your campaign but in the design of your distributors and will do business with your distributor. A real win-win situation. You generate the marketing, new leads and new sales at your distributor while your distributor will also get new leads and new sales. What’s more, your distributor will always be the only contact for the end customer.

So, in short:

  • you reach the end customer
  • your distributor gets the proper marketing campaigns
  • your relations with your distributors will improve

Communication from Makita with the distributors will improve a lot by this form of cooperation. People do business with people.

The allround possibilities in the Communication Cockpit are second to none