Dealer locator

The dealer locator is a tool which makes it easy for an end user to find Makita dealers in his surroundings. The dealer locator is directly connected to the CRM. It is therefore possible to determine if and how a dealer appears on the website. In other words, you can decide whether or not the dealer should be found by a visitor on the website. There are even different layouts available that can be chosen for the dealer locator webpage. This guarantees that you can find a matching ‘look and feel’ for your website.

Google maps
The dealer locator is connected to Google maps. The advantage of this connection is that all visitors to the website will recognize what they have to do to find a dealer. After filling in their ZIP code or place, the system will automatically calculate the distance from the ZIP code/place of the visitor to the dealers in his surroundings. The visitor can also choose the maximum distance he’s willing to drive to the dealers.

Using filters to find suitable dealers
It’s also possible to use a filter on the website to find the correct dealers that can deliver the options that the visitor is looking for. Options in the filter are:

  1. Articles of consumption and accessories
  2. Servicedealer
  3. Servicedealer Asbest
  4. Makita Clean

Different colours for different dealer types
Different colours for the different dealer types make it easy for the visitor to identify the kind of dealer they’re looking for. For instance, the colour

  • red is used for professional dealers
  • yellow is used for consumer dealers
  • green is used for gardening and park dealers
  • blue is used for cleaning dealers
  • grey is used for web dealers

New feature: the merging spots option
A new feature in the dealer locator is the merging spots option. In short this option combines all the Makita dealers in a region into one pointer with a number that represents all the dealers in that region. After clicking on that pointer the region will be refined with new and more specific pointers. The final stage shows the individual dealers. This makes it much easier for the visitor to find the dealers in his surroundings because he doesn’t need to use the control and scroll-option.