Makita Interactive Question Module                 

In the Interactive FAQ system on the website, end users and dealers can ask Makita any question they want. Providing the visitor a form which can be used to ask a question is not rocket science, but the beauty lies behind it.

Once the question has been asked, it will be stored in the database. In the manager all incoming questions are listed. It’s possible for Makita to have more departments involved in this module, to categorize the question and to provide the visitor an answer from the right person. For example “repair/sales/general”.

Different types of questions
The type of question can also be filled in, such as “question, complaint or review”. Different functionalities such as: “reply directly, look at all questions of this visitor, etc.” make it easy to handle the incoming questions. It is even possible to give half an answer like: “I will look it up for you and come back with a proposal…..”. A lot of questions asked are similar and therefore there is also a possibility to create standard answers. It will save time and eliminate typing errors.

When Makita has answered the question, the visitor receives an e-mail and is able to reply on that e-mail address. This special e-mail address will, when used, be received on the server and automatically imported in the database again. Because of the reference the new reply of this customer will be connected to the old one, in order to keep the conversation together.

Unanswered questions
When a question hasn’t been answered in a certain period, the colour of that question will change. This makes it possible to easily recognize unanswered questions that are standing open too long. Each question will remain connected to an e-mail address, which also can be connected to a contact person of a dealer or end user. When having the SFA, the questions will be presented in the SFA.

Questions connected to model numbers on the website
If there are any model numbers mentioned in the question, the complete question and answer process will also be stored and linked with the model numbers. This allows you to show the questions and answers connected to an article on the website. Before publishing it on the website, Makita can modify the question and answer. You can also decide to publish the question and answer on the website and to give the visitor the possibility to search between all results in ‘the questions database’.

Historical overview of questions
It is also possible to recognize a visitor by e-mail address and directly view historical questions of this visitor. In a matrix overview, Makita can oversee the total of questions, complaints and how the questions are divided among all departments (repair, sales etc). All answers are saved to the visitor as well. This information is very valuable and therefore it is possible to generalize the questions and answers and use this in a FAQ system on the website.

In short, the advantages of this module are:

  • Building a valuable database of questions and answers
  • Structure and efficiency in handling all questions
  • Being able to calculate and estimate how much work it takes to handle all questions
  • Being able to use the questions in an online database for the visitors
  • Show a good question (and answer) directly at an article

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