Multilevel Marketing – an easy way to improve your communication with your account managers and dealerships.

The Multilevel Marketing application is part of the Communication Module. The Communication Module itself is part of the all-in-one online platform ‘Power of Synergy’. The ‘Power of Synergy’-platform helps you by connecting all your online activities into 1 easy-to-use platform. In this module you can for instance:

  • Send e-mailings and newsletters
  • Publish and maintain your Social Media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many more
  • Personalize your mailings
  • Publish Blogs and other articles
  • Carry out SMS-marketing
  • Make landing pages

The campaigns can be made and carried out by the dealers themselves. However, the Multilevel Marketing application also makes it possible to use marketing campaigns which are made by the head office of Makita. The account managers will see what campaigns are made available by the head office for their customers and can choose which campaigns are relevant for which customer. This will markedly reduce the time needed by the dealers to carry out their marketing campaigns. And that’s a big advantage of course. Furthermore, the campaigns that dealers want to use are adapted to their own corporate identity. So it will be, for instance, their logo that is used as well as their own social media. The dealers will remain the first point of contact in this way, which is very important to realize.

What does this actually mean for account managers?
The account managers will be notified by the system that there are new marketing campaigns available for their customers, their dealers. They’ve got the possibility to select dealers that can use the new marketing campaign. This may seem like a lot of work but actually, it’s not. Some simple clicks and their customers have a customized campaign at their disposal. This will of course strengthen the relationships between the account manager and his dealers.

What does this mean for the dealers?
Not all dealers have enough time and/or knowledge to set up a complete marketing campaign. With this Multilevel Marketing application things are made very easy for them to reach out to their customers. Once they decide to use the application, an account will be made for them which contains their logo and use of colours for instance. The dealers can also choose which social media they want to use. After uploading the list with contact persons the application is ready for use.

The dealers can now see what campaigns from Makita they can use as well as campaigns they’ve made themselves. They are not obligated to use a campaign and are thus still in control over their own marketing efforts.


Available statistics
Measure, improve and repeat. Research everything and keep the good. With the built-in statistics module you can determine the success factors of a campaign so you’ll know how to improve the results for the next campaign.

Multilevel Marketing is an excellent way to use the marketing strength of Makita and combines this with the networks and personal contacts of the dealers. Makita has the knowledge and experience of what works in marketing campaigns. When combined with the strength of the personal relationships of the dealers, a powerful combination will result. The Multilevel Marketing application generates marketing campaigns in the corporate identity of the dealers.