Product shelves

Makita sells their products throughout the world through various dealers. These dealers are 

veryimportant to Makita, because they provide a large part of the sales of the Makita products. Makita would like to come out with one and the same style. This makes Makita even more famous than it already is and the brand only gets stronger. This is also implemented on the product shelves of different dealers.

Each dealer has his own size in the field of product shelves. Makita wants a product shelve with each product that they sell. It is possible to place different parts on these product shelves. Think of a QR code, technical specifications, images, bar codes and the model number that the dealer uses.

In the separate dealer web, the dealer can create his product shelves in the style of Makita. The tools and accessories from Makita are all offered in the same way by all dealers. This has the advantage that Makita no longer has to make these product shelves themselves and the dealer can ultimately decide what he wants on the card. The tickets are also ready delivered in the dimensions that apply to the particular dealer.


Several Makita countries have multiple departments. Makita Denmark, for example, also has a garden department. The product shelves of the garden department have a different lay-out than the product shelves of the machines. This creates a unique style and allows Makita to be seen from multiple markets at home. In the end, Makita determines which image they want in which country, so that the look and feel of the marketing messages will also be reflected in the stores. This completes the cross medial marketing strategy of Makita.

The dealer was ultimately completely unburdened in the area of these product shelves, which saved Makita a lot of work. Previously, Makita took care of these product shelves, but that is no longer necessary!

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