Responsive website

Every Makita website that is being built, is built in de Kracht van Synergy. A number of components have been added to this groundbreaking platform, in this way all Makita functions can still be managed. Through de Kracht van Synergy, every website is responsive to mobile, tablet or desktop. Dealers can view components drawings and other service related items via mobile or tablet.

Also Makita's end customer can easily search for something on the way, this makes the website of each Makita country much more user-friendly. The information about various devices, accessories and other products from Makita can be accessed in a user-friendly way. 

The standard Makita modules, like 3 years of warranty, product board cards and the image database are all in the same system, making it all accessible from any device. For example, a dealer can actually do all his work over the telephone, so he is no longer tied to a particular location.

Because of de Kracht van Synergy, the different Makita countries can grow together optimally. Has Makita Netherlands made something handy or beautiful what other countries want, they can easily have these modules copied. This allows Makita countries to benefit from their fellow Makita countries and they can learn from each other in this way. The countries will work even better together, since the ideas can be shared easily.

In short, optimal convenience for all users of the website. The Makita countries can work together in the Power of Synergy and use each other's ideas. The responsive website also ensures that the dealers and end-users can be helped as optimally as possible in which locations one wishes.