The Makita Vibration Calculator

More and more countries demand minimum protection requirements for people who are exposed to risks that are generated by vibration. The Makita Vibration Calculator is an easy tool to calculate the maximum exposure per day. When a visitor navigates to an article, he can oversee the maximum vibration exposure time there. In the ICMS, a technical specification can be marked as a vibration tech spec or a noise tech spec. The maximum exposure time will then automatically be calculated for that machine.

What are the dangers of vibration?
Makita provides the right tool for the job while making that tool as safe to use as technologically possible. A safe product of course means a longer operational time. However, when using a power tool, vibration is produced as a by-product of that process.

Vibration wasn’t something considered important by employers and employees for a long time. But, since there’s more knowledge of the effect that vibration can have on the human body, it is necessary for manufacturers and employers to look for solutions for the vibration problem. A well-known injurie for instance is the Vibration White Finger (VWF) which occurs through Hand-Arm Vibration (HAV). To prevent this, it is necessary to limit the amount of vibration a machine produces and the level of exposure an individual receives.

The law
At the moment, the law states that all power tools have to have their vibration levels measured and that that information is to be made available for everyone. This information helps towards educating the operator to understand how long they can safely operate a machine. That’s one of the reasons we’ve introduced the Makita Vibration Calculator.

Makita Vibration Calculator
At Makita, we are very much aware of the hazards vibration can present, which is why we provide a way to keep track of your exposure to vibration on a daily basis, the Makita Vibration Calculator.

With this Vibration Calculator you can find out just how much of a standard daily allowance you are being exposed to for each tool you use. You simply enter the vibration value of the tool (either manually or from a list of Makita products), how long you expect for trigger time and the Makita Vibration Calculator works out the rest.

The Vibration Calculator can be used in different designs:

By the way, the vibration magnitude is the frequency weighted acceleration value measured in m/s2.