The explosion drawing extended version

In the past when a machine had broken down, it could be quite a hassle to find the exact part number necessary to fix the machine. It is of course possible to upload a PDF of a machine and the parts it consists of. This PDF can then be downloaded by the dealer so that he can find the correct part and its corresponding number. After finding the correct parts the order can then be placed.

Explosion drawing extended version
The explosion drawing extended version makes this process a lot easier. The explosion drawing is meant for dealers. It shows clicking paths of the explosion view. The user can click on a part of the drawing after which the part number will appear in a pop-up. A dealer can add the part number directly to the new order. To make the search of a part number even easier, it’s also possible to zoom in and out of a drawing.

Creating clicking paths
The creation of the clicking paths can be done in the ICMS. There you can also link the clicking paths to the correct part number. A big advantage of the explosion drawing extended version is that you can copy the clicking paths and the corresponding part numbers which have been entered by other subsidiaries. This will save you a lot of time.

Service CD/DVD
The service DVD of Makita also contains clicking paths and the corresponding part numbers. Intermix has made it possible to upload the complete DVD to a FTP. All the drawings, clicking paths and corresponding part numbers are then available to the dealer.