Warranty System

It is possible for end users to register their product online in order to extend their warranty period. The warranty system of Intermix is connected to the SFA system as well as to the ICMS to achieve more efficiency, lower error rate and to build a better marketing database.

Registering machines
An end user can register one or more machines. The end user will be automatically logged in the end user web when filling in the warranty data. The warranty system is directly connected to the ICMS which makes it impossible for the end user to make mistakes. When the end user has registered a machine before, he will be able to log in with his password. This will avoid filling in all the data once again.

When the end user registers a machine, a doubles check will be performed. After filling in the ZIP code and house number the system checks the database whether or not there’s an end user known at this address. If so, a pop-up will appear and the end user can pick the known entry in the database. However, 2 or more end users can have the same ZIP code and house number so it is also possible to enter a new registration on the same address.

While filling in the model number, the system will automatically suggest some machines. When the end user enters a wrong model number, a message is shown on the screen. After successfully entering the necessary data, the user can download and/or print a warranty certificate. An e-mail will be sent to Makita and the end user.

Dealers can also register a machine for an end user. The SFA will then know that there is a relationship between the end user and the dealer and the machine. The dealer can register a new end user or register a machine for an existing end user that the dealer has registered before. Dealers can also add the order number. Dealers have the possibility to search the database on model number, machine description, end user, contact person, order number and so on.

The following fields can be entered in the system:

  • company name
  • address, ZIP code and house number
  • place
  • telephone & fax number
  • type end user (end users can be defined in the SFA)
  • initials, first name and family name
  • mobile number
  • e-mail address
  • serial number
  • buying date
  • password

The machine has to be registered within one month. While registering a machine a picture of the machine will be shown.

Features of the warranty system

  • overview of the registered machines or machines. New purchases can be added at a later date
  • it is possible to change end user data
  • there’s a ‘forget password’-button built in

Since it is useful to know how an end user came into the database a source will be added to the entry. Every end user has a source. Examples of sources are: warranty, contact form and complaint form. A new end user will have the source ‘warranty registration’. In the SFA it is also very useful to know what the source is since the value of the content can then be determined.

Makita can easily oversee all end users and registered machines. The dealers have the same possibility for the registered machines.

Model check
The warranty checkbox (in the manager) makes it possible to mark/unmark each model. An unmarked checkbox makes it impossible for customers to register their machines on the warranty system. However, the default value is ‘marked’.

The warranty system makes it possible to follow the history of the machines and is fully GDPR-proof. The end user can apply for a newsletter in the warranty system. The warranty system is very flexible. Dealers can fill in the necessary data for their customers. Makita and the dealers have an overview of the registered machines and end users.